10 Hikes with Views of San Diego Reservoirs

San Diego County has an abundance of reservoirs, 24 to be exact. They have a combined capacity of about 746,000 acre-feet of water and are fed from seven major stream systems in the mountains of San Diego. Many of these mountains are frequented by hikers, who catch a glimpse of these reservoirs while bagging local peaks. If you’re anything like me, a shimmering body of blue water is an enticing aspect of a hike, yet most of the time they are an unexpected surprise. Which is why we’ve created the following list of 10 hikes where you can find San Diego reservoirs, to help you plan your sight-seeing adventures accordingly.

Murray Reservoir

Murray Reservoir can be found in the city of La Mesa on the boundary of Mission Trails Regional Park, one of San Diego’s premier hiking destinations. The Murray Reservoir has 171.1 surface acres, a maximum water depth of 95 feet, and a storage capacity of 4,684.2-acre feet.

Bernardo Mountain

The hike up Bernardo Mountain is long, moderately strenuous, but worth every step. At 7.5-miles roundtrip, the uphill climb to Bernardo Mountain’s summit rewards you with glistening views of the north shore of Lake Hodges and beyond.

Bernardo Mountain Summit Trail

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