10 Must-Haves When Packing for Havasu Falls

A hike to Havasu Falls is the trip of a lifetime, a trek people from around the world come all the way out to the Southwest to complete. The turquoise waterfalls gently cascading down the Grand Canyon’s walls is other-worldly and truly worth a trip out to the desert. However, the hike to get to the Havasupai Indian Reservation is no easy task. It requires hiking upwards of 9.5+ miles in the Arizona heat, and hiking an additional 3-4 miles to reach other highly-photographed nearby waterfalls.

While a hike to Havasu Falls does take a decent amount of endurance and grit, it can be a much more enjoyable feat and adventure you look back fondly on with the right preparation. To ensure you’re both comfortable and content during your hike to Havasu Falls, I’ve compiled a list of my 10 must-haves when packing for Havasu Falls. All tips are based on my own personal experience in the summer of 2017, where I could’ve benefited from reading the same!


Water Shoes

One of the best parts of hiking to Havasu Falls is the astoundingly beautiful waterfalls you’ll encounter. Rather than drenching your hiking boots, bring a pair of sturdy water shoes with good grip to change into once you reach the falls. This will help you navigate the technical terrain while also keeping your main shoes dry and comfortable condition to hike in on your way out.

Mooney Falls

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