6 Beaches Where You Can Soak Up the Sun with Wildlife

Some travel the world in search of the best white sand beaches. Then there are those who long to bask beneath the sun with a penguin by their side.

From Hawaii to South Africa, you can find beaches all over the world inhabited by wildlife. These creatures graciously share their homes with tourists while going about their everyday life. They’ll pose for pictures, acknowledge your presence, and happily accept your food (though we strongly advise against feeding them).

In California, we are no stranger to beaches. We grow up learning to surf, quickly become accustomed to salty skin and tangled hair, and live minutes from sand. Yet one thing that’s missing from our vast expanse of coastline are rare forms of wildlife. Whether you’re looking to add an adventure to your bucket list or planning your next trip, these are six of the best beaches to find wildlife.

Monkey Beach | Ko Phi Phi Don, Thailand

Take a short 30-minute boat ride Northwest of Phi Phi Island and you’ll find the hidden cove of Ao Ling (Monkey Bay). This small beach is home to a colony of monkeys who happily share their beach in hopes of getting food or water in return. Be warned that while these monkeys are adorable, they also aren’t afraid to go after what they want and can be hostile. From personal experience, your best bet is to admire them from afar and empty your pockets of anything food-related.

monkey beach thailand

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