6 Beaches Where You Can Soak Up the Sun with Wildlife

Boulders Beach | Cape Town, South Africa

There are numerous reasons to visit South Africa, but a beach filled with friendly penguins is just the icing on the cake. Protected by the Table Mountain National Park, this beach is clean, safe, and relatively uncrowded. The white sand beaches, warm ocean water, and adorable penguins attract nearly 60,000 visitors a year. To see the baby penguins first frolicking the beach, visit in January. Avoid coming during feeding season in September and October.

Boulders Beach

Pig Beach | Big Major Cay, Bahamas

It’s common knowledge you might find fish, crabs, and sharks in the ocean. Few people would suspect to swim alongside a pig. Pig beach in Big Major Cay is one of the only places in the world where you will find pigs treading in the ocean and walking along the beach. To get to this uninhabited beach, you’ll need to take a boat from Exuma to Big Major Cay. The pigs are rumored to have been dropped off by sailors who planned to come back and cook them. The sailors never returned, but the pigs survived on excess food dumped from passing ships.

Pig Beach Bahamas

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