A Wine (and Food) Lover’s Guide to Venice, Italy

enice might be one of the most visited cities in the world, but it’s still easy to avoid tourists and eat like a local. These restaurants have extensive wine lists and menus that focus on local ingredients.

Rising out of the Adriatic Sea, romantic Venice is one of the most visited cities in the world, full of beautiful squares, lovely palaces and unforgettable gondola rides down enchanting canals. Many assume it would be difficult to dine well in such a tourist-packed place, but the city offers fantastic options with a clear focus on fresh, local ingredients—everything from simple eateries serving savory bites washed down with Prosecco to elegant restaurants that pair gourmet meals with some of Italy’s top bottlings. Here’s your guide to serenity: the best places to wine and dine in the city known as La Serenissima.

Enoteche (Wine Bars)

Osteria I Rusteghi

It may not be easy to find, but this small, vibrant wine bar/bistro near the Rialto is definitely worth the effort. Dynamic owner Giovanni d’Este has created an enviable wine list of nearly 500 celebrated labels. Options include wines from Borgo del Tiglio, Gaja, Oddero, Jermann and Tua Rita as well as highly sought-after offerings from Roagna, Salvioni and Capichera, to name just a few. Osteria I Rusteghi is even the only wine bar in Venice to be elected a Krug Ambassador. Pair the wines with the osteria’s famous gourmet sandwiches or Giovanni’s carefully selected cheeses, salamis and light dishes.

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