Hiking Companions: 7 Unique Animals People Hike With

About 79.7 million households (65 percent) in the United States own a pet. With over half of the country cohabiting with a furry or feathery companion, it’s no secret that pets hold a very high importance in our society. They give us unconditional love, listen to our problems without interruption, are there for us when we need them, and are first to greet us after a hard day of work. They hold such an important spot in their owner’s heart it is hard to leave them behind even for a few hours to take a hike. Which is why some owners feel an innate responsibility to leave no animal left behind when they hit the trails.

While it is a normal occurrence to run into a dog while taking a hike, these seven hiking companions have also been spotted on the trails. It may seem strange, outlandish, and every other synonym for weird, pet owners have no qualms about bringing their pets along for the walk. We don’t’ advocate for these animals to come on your next hike, but we are here to share the 7 unique animals people bring hiking.


It can be difficult enough to get your cat to snuggle up with you in bed. Imagine trying to put your cat on a leash and take it on a hike. Despite the odds, individuals across the country have managed to get their felines to cooperate and even enjoy going on hikes with them. It takes an ample amount of patience, but more and more individuals have been able to get their cats on the trails. Take Tuxie for example. His owner, known as HikingDiva on Instagram, has taken her cat on hikes spanning from South Carolina to Tenneseee and trails upwards of eight miles in length. While not every cat will want to or be able to hike like Tuxie, it’s interesting to know some cats truly enjoy the great outdoors just as much as their owners.

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