How to Travel Paris Like a Bartender

Day 2

Breakfast is very important to me. Knowing this, my brother took me to a new place that opened in the 10th arrondissement called Season. The food is healthy and the space has a really great vibe. It’s a bit of a wait, but definitely worth it. I treated myself to the avocado toast, shakshuka and a delicious turmeric latte.

We did a little bit of shopping in the afternoon, because after all, it is Paris. Later, we finished the day with a visit to Les Invalides museum, where Napoleon is buried.

That night, we went to one of my favorite Parisian bars, Copper Bay. They make incredible drinks and have a fantastic staff. Highlights were the Bob Lee Punch (Martini Riserva Ambrato, Banks Rum, curried pineapple, verjus, dragon tea, pandan syrup) and the Melonade (Lemon-infused Lillet Blanc, watermelon lemonade, Pinkberry sherbet, Prosecco, soda).

Day 3

I went back to my hometown, Chartres, about an hour and a half southwest of Paris. It’s a really cute little town with a beautiful cathedral and lots of medieval history.

While France may be best known for its grapes, the main crops throughout this area are cereals and grains. So if you’re having a delicious baguette in France, there’s a good chance that the flour was from this region. That said, my dad usually cooks his famous couscous. He is Algerian and makes, hands down, the best couscous in the world.

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