Outside In: Learning to Live in California’s Natural Beauty Every Day


Getting outside is especially important because it gets you off your butt and moving around! You don’t need to tackle a 9-hour hike up a mountain or go for a run. Even an easy walk in nature for 20 minutes has been shown to elevate vitality levels compared to staying indoors all day. And, if you’re someone who hates the gym, finding an outdoor exercise you like can be the perfect solution. Hiking is easy in California because you don’t need expensive equipment or a membership, but walking on beautiful the beach cliffs in Santa Cruz or just taking a stroll through a redwood forest are all miles better than just sitting on the sofa.

The way humans choose to exercise and what we consider ‘healthy living’ has changed over the years, but exercise, no matter what type, has remained a constant throughout the decades of changing body ideals. Californians have a reputation for being outdoorsy and active, and it’s for good reason. We have more beautiful natural features than we know what to do with, and staying active is easy.

Getting regular exercise is perhaps the single greatest way to improve your health overall, with far ranging benefits from improved sleep, to more regular appetite. If you sit at a desk all day, try to sit outside during your lunch break and stretch your back and shoulders so you’re not sore or sleepy, and make sure to plan some outside time on the weekend to help your body recover from long days at the office.


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